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We help to unite businesses between Canada & Russian-speaking countries of the former USSR

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Back to Business Party, September 11, 2010

On September 11, 2010 in the dining hall of the Hunting and Fishing Club in Port Coquitlam the Russian-Canadian Business Club held its Party to celebrate the beginning of the business year after a pretty nice summer. Our summer here was not so hot as in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and all those who were present talked about the misfortune which occured in Russian this year. Among entries of delicious food served by YUMICO Catering many guests and members of the CLub spoke on immigration to Canada. Please see our photo album here.

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Russian Food Store EURO FOODS in Tricity

On March 7 & 8, 2010 the Open House was held in the Euro Food Store known as the Russian Food store in the Tri City area. The thing is that the store has changed hands and new owners took over: Grigori Khaskin and his wife Svetlana. They are very friendly people and should your purchase be more than $ 50 they would always give you a bonus - some sort of extra something. In this store you may find authentic Russian and Ukrainian products and goods like kvass, semechki, salo, sausages, candies, and of course Russian chocolate from Moscow and Kiev. But please see our photo album.

russia day vancouver 2009

RUSSIA DAY: First Time in Vancouver, B.C.

For the first time in Vancouver, B.C. the Russia Day was held on the 13th of June 2009 at the Serbian Centre in Burnaby. More than 30 businesses, crafts, and artists presented their expositions in the lobby on both levels of the building. The theatre Palme did performances all day long. Numerous visitors and quests (more than 1500) could also listen to Russian folk and modern songs. The food court presented by four eateries ran during the events, as well. Please see some of the pictures from this Festival.

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Finger Food Networking Event: Friday 13, March 2009

When in recession it was decided to do modest events like 'finger food parties'. These kind of events are resource saving, yet are very helpful in the way of networking. It is not about sitting together at a table where your communication is limited to the number of people around you. At 'Finger Food' one can move around and do socializing with everyone who came to such a party. We serve appetizers and wine. Such an event took place on March 13 (Friday) at the 8740 Forest Grove Dr. in North Burnaby.

Gala Concert from RCBC: December 22, 2008, Heritage Hall

December 2008 in Vancouver turned out extremely snowy. We had several snowstorms which from time to time resembled real blizzards. Traffic was paralyzed, many businesses were affected. Despite that more than one hundred people came to the Heritage Hall on Main street in vancouver to participate in the 'White Christmas party' organized by the Vancouver Russian Business Club. There was lots of entertainment: Silver Star Band, Argentinean Tango, belly dance. And the food from YUMICO catering was just great: Russian potato salad, smoked salmon, smoked and roasted lamb, pork, and beef. Napoleon cake was for desert! Disco dances lasted until 12:30 at night. When the guests were leaving, the snowfall stopped, and we all could enjoy the tranquility of the night with all the stars on the skies.

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Cultural Event: singer from Vladivostok comes to Vancouver

The well-known and popular singer and entertainer from Vladivostok Vladimir Tsvetkov gave a concert on the 28th of November, 2008 at 6555 Hastings St., (Golf Club lounge). Appetizers and wine was served. The solo concert was followed by disco. The event lasted until late at night and gathered quite a lot of the audience. Please see out album.  

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RCBC General Meeting: November 10, 2008

This was the first General Meeting organized by the Club in Port Moody. Apart from the members, everyone who was interested in the VRBC activities was welcome to attend. Alexander Zouev, secretary, made a speech: she spoke about the Club's events after the Club had been set up. Mitch Grigoriev, the treasurer, came up with the financial report, and Igor Vinogradsky explained what the Club was about to do in the coming year. The honorary consul from the Russian Federation Alexander Bardid also made a speech about the role of the Club in the growing Russian community. After the elections of the Board appetizers and wine were served..

Back to Business Party: September 13, 2008

On the 13th of September we did the "Back to Business Party" in New Westminster. More than forty people came to taste delicious food, to dance, and to taste good wine and beer. Of course, socializing and networking took place as the major part of businesslike networking. YUMICO did catering for the event. 

Vancouver Russian Business Club expands its borders: trip to Seattle

By the end of July the Director & Treasurer of the Club Mitch Grigoriev made a trip to Seattle, U.S. where he met with mass media (Russkii Mir, etc.,), FRAEC, and some other cultural and business organizations. Mitch introduced the Business Club's activities to those who might be interested in conducting mutual events between Canadian and U.S. Russian-speaking businesses. He also visited the newly open Sauna at the outskirts of Seattle.  

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MP Ed Fast visited the VRBC and made a presentation as a guest speaker. Erika Galinskaya from the Main Music School offers $ 3,000 to start the Young Musician Foundation

The MP Ed Fast, Abbotsford B.C. had a chance to come to the VRBC meeting and make a presentation. He spoke about his work as an MA in Ottawa. Mr Fast gave examples on what bills he and his team are working now: strict acts for sex abusers on the web, pedophiles, and pro-immigration laws. The last will definitely boost more skilled workers to come to Canada. Mr. Ed Fast was hahned the Certificate of the "VRBC Honorary Member".
After a short break Erika Galinskaya made a presentation on her idea to set up the Music Foundation to promote young talented players. She offers the sum of $ 3,000 from her own pocket to start the project. Erika also wants to unite all Russian-speaking music teacher in Vancouver. She is going to organize another meeting some time in fall at her music School to jump the project.

Zia's deli & cafe

VRBC does Souvlaki or Shashlyk Party in the Burnaby Park

On the 15th of June our Club did Souvlaki in the Marine Burnaby Park. Souvlaki, also known as Shashlyk, were made by YUMICO Catering in Coquitlam. Shashlyk, lamb, pork, and chicken, turned out very delicious. About seventy people came to the event to enjoy good food with appetizers (antipasti) on that beautiful sunny day after two weeks of freezing cold. The honorary consul of Russian Federation Mr. Bardin also attended the Party. He spoke about the Coordinating Committee of all Russian nonprofit organizations and societies in British Columbia, sport schools, and educational schools where the Russian language is being taught. The idea is to set up such a Committee with one-two reps from each organization/school so we all know what is going on in the Russian community. Thus we can plan our events easily.
The Shasshlyk Party was a success and the event was covered by Vancouver Express.

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The Role of Leadership in Establishing and Growing a Business

Speaker: David Leigh from the U.S. David's Background: Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Management; 25 years with IBM Corporation in various management roles; 13 years as co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Harvest Technologies. The speech was presented on the 16th of June at YUMICO Catering in Coquitlam, Greater Vancouver. More than 20 people, including members, were present.  

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How to run small business on the example of Zia's Deli and Cafe, Greater Vancouver

On April 8, 2008, the 2nd Round Table of the VRBC took place at Zia's Deli & Cafe in Coquitlam, Greater Vancouver. The speaker was Mitch Grigoriev, owner of this place specializing in Italian, Russian, and Georgian food and cuisine. More than 20 people came to listen and ask questions about 'how to run a small business in Canada'. Many interesting Georgian and Italian recipes were discussed like Tiramisu. 

On March 18, 2008, Director and Treasurer of he Club Mitch Grigoriev gave an interview to the Radio Canada International. In it he spoke about the Club, and his catering business The interview, about 15 minutes long, was broadcast on the following day.

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Honorary Consul of Russia Visited Business Club

On the 17th of February 2008 the Honorary Consul of Russian Federation in British Columbia Mr. Alexander Bardin attended the meeting of the Vancouver Russian Business Club. The gathering took place at the Zia's Deli & Cafe (YUMICO Catering) in Coquitlam. Besides regular members of the Club, some activists of the Russian-speaking Cultural Association like Irina Jilina and Nadejda Petrova came to the meeting. After the official part some Georgian meals were served: chakhohbili, walnut-stuffed eggplants, adjika, tkemali, baklava.

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Big Event in Richmond: Club is getting More Active

On the 12th of January, 2008, at the All Nations Church on Aldion Rd. in Richmond the regular monthly meeting of the Club was held. The organizer of the event was pastor Andrej Voth. More than 40 people came to the meeting. Besides the members many businesses owners were present. Detailed and concrete measures and steps to make the Club's activity more vital were suggested. After the official part the put lock party was held.

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Gala Concert in Toronto

On January 12, 2008, the Director and Treasurer of the Vancouver Russian Business Club Mitch Grigoriev made a trip to Toronto to participate in the big event where more than 600 hundred Russian-speaking businessmen too part. For the first time the existence of the Vancouver Club became known nationwide.  

New Milestone in Russian Business in British Columbia: Vancouver Russian Business Club Became Officially Registered Organization

The history of Russian entrepreneurs' in Vancouver, both small and medium businesses, was marked by an outstanding event, - the Vancouver Russian Business Club at last found its status as a non-profit society with a registered number and a bank account. We, Russian-speaking businessmen, after five years of persistent attempts eventually won this organization. Read more...

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Business Club Set-up Meeting: July 18, 2007

July 18, 2007: the constituent meting was held at Zia's Deli & Cafe/YUMICO Catering in Coquitlam located at #16-2773 Barnet Hwy @ Lansdowne Dr. (BCAA & Rogers Video Plaza). Representatives and business owners, more than 20 people altogether, of the Russian Community in Greater Vancouver attended the first gathering where it was agreed on the necessity to set up the Business Club. It was agreed that the Club needs to be officially registered as a non-profit society. The initial Board of Directors was elected.

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